APN Hub (apn-hub.com) is a blog that provides APN settings for various carriers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Mobile Networks Operators (MNO). APN settings are required to connect mobile devices to cellular networks and the internet.


Over the course or providing phone support services for a leading phone carrier, many requests were about inability to connect to the internet. upon troubleshooting, i concluded that many people sometimes fail to set up their APN according to manuals. APN are normally sent automatically, and the user is supposed to install and use them. Users miss this step by inadvertently rejecting automatic APN set up sent from the carrier. Some phone brands at times do not install these settings correctly.

Upon the realization of this shortcoming, I took it upon myself to make this blog, APN Hub, that organizes these APNs from different carriers. Users are then able to get the most updated and regularly updated by carriers.

Future Updates

APN Hub will be regularly updated to match to the updates by various carries. As carriers increase world over, we will keep adding new APNs.

If carriers change their APN, change their brand name or go out of business, the updates will be provided to the blog appropriately.

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