GCI APN Settings

GCI access point name (APN) settings are necessary to be set so the cellular device can access the internet and other network services via 4G and 5G networks. To successfully access the internet using a GCI phone, you need to be in an area with network coverage, an active SIM/eSIM and a data plan.

APN is essentially the name of the gateway on the service provider’s network. It comes with a host of other settings, not just the name of the gateway. These other settings are the MMS, the type of APN, protocol and more. They are unique to GCI and must be set exactly the same way, down to spelling.

Ideally, APN settings are normally set up automatically when a device is first booted and detected on the network with GCI SIM. In some situations, you need to set up an APN manually. Cases like accidentally deleted or setting up an unlocked phone. For these and more reasons, this article provides settings for both iPhone/iOS and Android devices. 

gci apn

APN Settings on Android Devices

Access the APN settings page on Android by navigating to;

  1. Settings
  2. Connections / Network & internet / Wireless & internet / More
  3. Mobile Networks / SIMs then select GCI
  4. Access point name
  5. Add / +

Inpt the GCI APN settings below.

GCI APN Settings for Android Devices

Leave the sections that are not indicated blank or default figures.

  • Name: GCI APN
  • APN: web.gci
  • MMSC: http://mmsc.gci.net
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 9201
  • APN type:default,mms,supl
  • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6

Save the settings, select GCI APN and restart your Android device.

APN Settings on iPhone/iOS

To access the APN settings page on an iOS device, navigate to;

  1. Settings
  2. Cellular / Mobile Data / Mobile Service
  3. Cellular Data Network / Mobile Data Network

Input the GCI APN settings below.

GCI APN Settings for iPhone

Leave the username and password fields blank.

  • APN: web.gci
  • Username:
  • Password:

Tap the back arrow at the top left then turn off and back on the mobile data.

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